Jute fiber has high tensile strength and low extensibility, which ensures better breathability of fabrics. Jute fiber also used in the production of fabric which enhance its used in various fields of textiles.
We are the leading Bangladeshi raw jute supplier and exporter, mostly deal the two most common types of raw jute fibre – White Jute and Tossa Jute.

White jute was traditionally used to make ropes and twines and also a low cost, low quality, fabric for clothes of the poor in the regions where it was produced.Tossa jute fibre is softer, silkier, and stronger than white jute. Tossa Jute has huge demand for industrial use. Tossa Jute is good sustainability in the climate. Tossa is also known as the top quality jute from Bangladesh.

We also export Roselle Hemp Fiber (Mesta), and Kenaf Fiber from Bangladesh. Our locational advantage (Bangladesh) gives us the opportunity to supply you the highest quality bastfibres in the world.


Applications :

Amongst the thousands of uses , raw jute can be used for :

  •    Packaging for products like coffee, rice, cocoa, nuts etc
  •    Other bags made from raw jute such as hand bags, wine bottle bags, sling bags etc
  •    Textiles made from raw jute including jute hessian cloth (or burlap), geo textiles and yarn
  •    Non-Textile, Moulding And Spinning Industries
  •    Rugs and carpets (Carpet Backing).
  •    As Pulp to make paper, instead of wood pulp with increasing concern over forest destruction.
  •    Jute handicrafts such as coasters, table mats and wall hangings
  •    Felt and webbing made from raw jute.
  •    Jute furnishings such as mats, cushion covers and upholstery.
  •    Jute jackets, footwear and fashion accessories.

How we work


    With the consent of the buyer, we will send the PI and the buyer will give us the contract paper. Through which our agreement will be completed.


    We first talk to the buyer and fix the payment terms. The buyer can pay in different ways. 100% Advance, L/C AT SIGHT etc Method.


    Our experienced officers will always monitor to check the quality of the products contracted with the buyers. BUYER can observe itself if desired.


    We provide products through various channels through agreements with buyers. Through which the buyers benefit. One of our goals is to provide benefits to the buyers.


    The buyer will send the contract paper, guarantee to send the information and documents that will be required in the said contract.


According to the agreement with the buyer.