Types: Different types of Hessian Cloth such as (Popular one) & also many kinds of Twill & DWF jute cloth :
i) 11x12x40″ – 10/oz
ii) 10x10x40″ – 9/oz
iii) 8x9x40″ – 7/oz
iv) 11x12x45 – 11.25/oz

Packing: 1000/2000 yards/ bale; In pressed and iron bound bales, or on rolls

Minimum quantity: Negotiable

Applications: Packing / wrapping material for agricultural or industrial products (e.g. wool, cotton)

Export to: USA, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Middle-East.


We can make high quality Hessian Cloth. We are exporters of hessian cloth in the market of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Dubai, Jordan, Kuwait and other middle east country , this cloth is used for curing purpose.

The construction of hessian cloth is 3 oz, 4 oz, 4.5 oz and 5 oz. porter and shot is 3×3, 4×4, 4×5 and 5×5

Bale :

  • 25 yds x 5 cuts for 15 kg bale
  • 70 yds x 10 cuts for 70 kgs bale
  • 80 yds x 10 cuts for 70/80 kg bale
  • 100 yds x 20 cuts for 205 kg bale

We also can make :

  • 40” x 6oz,
  • 40” x 6.5oz.
  • 40” x 7oz
  • 40” x 8.9oz
  • 40” x 10 oz
  • 45” x 7oz
  • 45” x 8.9oz
  • 45” x 10 oz
  • 50” x 7oz.
  • 50” x 10oz
  • 44” x 8.9oz
  • 51 “ – 13×14
  • 51” – 14×15

These above quality is exported to Egypt, Iran etc.
We can make : 1000 yds bale and 2000 yds bale packing

How we work

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  • Payment Term

    We first talk to the buyer and fix the payment terms. The buyer can pay in different ways. 100% Advance, L/C AT SIGHT etc Method.

  • Product quality testing

    Our experienced officers will always monitor to check the quality of the products contracted with the buyers. BUYER can observe itself if desired.

  • Shipment

    We provide products through various channels through agreements with buyers. Through which the buyers benefit. One of our goals is to provide benefits to the buyers.

  • Documents

    The buyer will send the contract paper, guarantee to send the information and documents that will be required in the said contract.


According to the agreement with the buyer.